We create and lead the Neuromorphic Computing Technology community in Europe, by catalyzing research and collaboration.

Develop links between Academic Labs and Industry


We aim to enable the uptake of NCT in real-world applications and to match the needs of companies that develop future products with research and technology development. The envisioned applications are in smart industry, health-care, intelligent assistive systems, cognitive robotics, and consumer devices. We aim to create a sustainable communication channel between research labs, industry, general public, and other stakeholders.


Provide access to educational resources


NEUROTECH project assembles and curates a collection of educational resources on all aspects of NCT, to promote core educational events on NCT, and to disseminate NCT curriculum to other communities. The current list of available educational resources can be found in the Blog section. It includes video recordings of lectures, courses at selected Universities, and talk series.


Upcoming Events

27 April, 2021, 4 PM CEST

Science and Technology Workgroup Webinar

How novel technologies can boost neuromorphic computing? A view from European project consortia.

The four projects to present are:

  • RadioSpin (FET-proactive) 2021 - 2025; Alice Mizrahi, CNRS-Thales
  • FVLLMONTI (FET-proactive) 2021- 2025; Cristell Maneux, UNIVERSITE DE BORDEAUX (France)
  • Beferrosynaptic (ICT) 2020-2022, Stefan Slesazeck, NAMLAB GGMBH Germany
  • NeurONN (ICT) 2020-2022, Aida Todri-Sanial, CNRS

After the …

13 April, 2021, 4 PM CEST

Educational Webinar Day 6

Which algorithms can support neuromorphic learning?

Schedule Day 6:

  • Prof. Stefano Fusi (Columbia University)
  • Laura Kriener (University of Bern)
  • Prof. Emre Neftci (UC Irvine)
  • Prof. Eleni Vasilaki (Sheffield University)

Chair: Dr. Charlotte Frenkel (UZH/ETHZ)


Fellowships & Prizes


At the 8th Annual Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements (NICE) workshop NEUROTECH awarded fours prizes for best NICE talks: 

Best student presentation award: 

Johannes Leugering from Frahnhofer

Runner-up best student presentation award:

Julian Goletz from Heidelberg University and University of Bern

Best early career awards:

Charlotte Frenkel from Institute of Neuroinformatics  (UZH/ETH) and Jakob Jordan from University of Bern

A jury with members from the NEUROTECH project and one of the NICE organizers will select the winners.

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