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Neuromorphic Computing Technology (NCT) embraces technologies that enable brain-inspired computing hardware leading to more efficient, fast, and adaptive intelligent systems.

NEUROTECH CSA project aims to create and lead NCT community in Europe.

NCT community builds hardware inspired by biological neural systems using digital and analogue CMOS technologies, memristive devices, photonics, spintronics, and other nano-technological solutions. This technology will revolutionise the field Artificial Intelligence, since it provides orders of magnitude more power-efficient real-time computing platforms for embedded cognitive processing.

Our mission is to catalyse research and collaboration in NCT. Today's neuromorphic community in Europe is leading the state of the art in this domain. The community counts an increasing number of labs that work on theory, modelling, and implementation of neuromorphic computing systems. The NEUROTECH Project will create a Cartography of NCT in Europe, explore Roadmaps for its development, collect educational and information resources on NCT, inform about upcoming and previous events.

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Neurotech Logo
Neurotech Logo
Develop links between Academic Labs and Industry

Develop links between Academic Labs and Industry

We aim to enable the uptake of NCT in real-world applications and to match the needs of companies that develop future products with research and technology development. The envisioned applications are in smart industry, health-care, intelligent assistive systems, cognitive robotics, and consumer devices. We aim to create a sustainable communication channel between research labs, industry, general public, and other stakeholders.

Academic Labs and Industry

Provide access to educational resources

NEUROTECH project assembles and curates a collection of educational resources on all aspects of NCT, to promote core educational events on NCT, and to disseminate NCT curriculum to other communities. The current list of available educational resources can be found in the Blog section. It includes video recordings of lectures, courses at selected Universities, and talk series (

Educational resources
Provide access to educational resources

Fellowships & Prizes

Fellowships: Capo Caccia and Telluride

NEUROTECH Prize for the best application of NCT

From the viewpoint of someone developing Neuromorphic algorithms, NCT implies massively parallel computing with large numbers of lightweight compute units, which communicate via tiny timed messages. Information is primarily encoded in the source, timing, and sequence of events, rather than included explicitly in complex messages. Information is mainly local to the compute units, and learning happens locally too, at the connections between those units. This happens to be similar to how spiking networks in the brain operate.

– Michael Schmuker

Michael Schmuker

Upcoming Events

The Capo Caccia Workshops toward Neuromorphic Intelligence