One of our goals in the NEUROTECH initiative is to collect a list of online material available for training and general know how on neuromorphic engineering. This source of information is to be though of as a "living page" that will receive updates as we locate new material. So check back regularly!

The list is divided into different categories, depending on the type of material that is available. The majority of links are dedicated to talks at conferences and series of talks at specific events dedicated to neuromorphic computing. The academic courses and master programs that are related to neuromorphic engineering are listed in a separate section.

Each item is tagged with the type of material (talk, lecture, academic course) and content (computation, HW, SW, tools, memristive devices, etc.).

Prof. Giacomo Indiveri recommends:


Prof. Steven Furber recommends:


Prof. Linares-Barranco recommends:


Prof. Kwabena Boahen recommends:


Dr. Julie Grollier recommends:


Dr. Abu Sebastian recommends:


Dr. Sabina Spiga recommends:


Prof. Tobi Delbruck recommends:


Dr. Chiara Bartolozzi recommends:


University of Groningen

Tags: Academic Course, Computation, HW


Neuromorphic engineering I

Neuromorphic engineering II

UZH - Online lecture slides Neuromorphic engineering I

UZH - Online lecture slides Neuromorphic engineering II

Tags: Academic Course, Computation, HW

University of Heidelberg

Brain Inspired Computing

Tags: Academic Course, Computation, HW

University of Oslo

Neuromorphic electronics

Tags: Academic Course, Computation, HW

University of Sevilla

Microelectronics (bioinspired processing, neuromorphic and fuzzy systems)

Tags: Master Program, Computation, HW

Neuro Inspired Computational Elements Workshop (NICE)
Tags: Talk, Computation, HW

ICRA2017 Workshop on event-based vision
Tags: Talk, Vision, Robotics

CVPR2019 & ICCV2019 workshops on event-based cameras
Tags: Talk, Vision, Robotics

SPICE – Spintronics meets Neuromorphics 2018
Tags: Talk, Spintronics

NeurotechX webminar series
Tags: Talk, Computation

In-Memory Computing Webinar Series
Tags: Talk, in-memory computing