The group led by UNIMAN works with ethics experts and researchers to formulate strategies that ensure Neuromorphic Computing technology makes a positive and sustainable contribution to society.


  • Involve ethics experts, philosophers, visionaries of AI and media people with NCT researchers to formulate strategies to enable a sustainable future for technology.
  • Consider the opportunities and threats created by NCT and AI.
  • Provide input to, and approve, an Ethics statement document.

Past Events


We are currently (until the end of November 2020) conducting a survey of neuromorphic technology applications and ethics issues. We will summarise and expand on the issues raised by this survey in cooperation with AI ethicists and philosophers who participate in the working group, and will report back to the community. Please help us by participating in the survey here:


15 March, 2021, 3 PM CET

FORUM II Ethics and Future Discussions Section

Neuromorphic computing and ethics

Presentation: Dr. Marcello Ienca, ETH Zurich, Dep. of Health Sciences and Technology


  • Dr. Ron Chrisley (RC; University of Sussex)
  • Prof. Vincent Müller (VC; TU Eindhoven & University of Leeds)
  • Dr. Dylan Muir (SynSense)
  • Dr. Marcello Ienca

Chair: Steve Furber, …