The group led by CNR is a board of Academic and R&D department members to have a broader representation of the European NCT community when analyzing the state-of-the-art. This group will unite Academic partners who are strong on NCT but are not on our consortium and support the project in analyzing the state of the art and shaping vectors for possible future developments of the NCT.


  • Foster interaction among interdisciplinary communities involved in the NCT
    • materials, devices, circuits and systems, neuroscience, theory, algorithms, applications
    • track new advances in the state-of-the-art in NCT
  • Contribute to the cartography of NCT in Europe: research groups, RTO, industries, SMEs
    • create links among the various projects in Europe on neuromorphic technologies
  • Contribute to summers school and events directed to the general public, training of young researchers, organization of workshop
  • Give/receive inputs and feedbacks to/from industry towards new technologies and applications
    • contribute to the NCT roadmap
    • prepare a report (and possibly white paper and/ or open access review papers) on the current advances in the NCT field