Capocaccia ’22: Reports from NEUROTECH awardees

    5 August, 2022, by Michael Schmuker


    NEUROTECH gave out a number of travel awards for the Capocaccia ’22 workshop for Neuromorphic intelligence. Recepients were selected on the basis of an application they had to hand in. The lucky ones were given 1,500 € to help with travel, registration fees and accommodation! Part of the deal was that they write a report about their experience at the workshop.

    And they wrote a lot! All reports together amount to 34 tightly packed pages of experience. Most awardees described their individual activities at the workshop, the lectures that impressed them, the work- and discussion groups they contributed to. Of course space is too limited here to reproduce all reports individually! But reading through all of them, there was one common theme: the value of intense interaction with other scientists at this workshop, fuelled by knowledge and curiosity.

    Here are some individual quotes from participants:

    It was really valuable to learn other people’s perspectives on neuromorphic engineering with backgrounds in neuroscience, biology, electrical engineering and computer science. I sincerely hope to be back!

    Gregor Lenz

    CapoCaccia Neuromorphic Workshop is a place where the scientific community becomes your group of friends.

    Giulia D’Angelo

    I very much appreciated the healthy ratio of people both in the industry and academia who were present at the workshop which helped me get a fresh perspective of the field.

    Yeshwanth Bethi

    An important aspect of the workshop was simply spending time with the rest of the attendees, getting to know each other and our interests. Thanks to this, I feel I now have a much better idea of the landscape of the neuromorphic research community around Europe.

    Martino Sorbaro

    Thank you again for this opportunity to meet and network with other people in the field. It has opened a number of potential opportunities for post PhD which I would not have had otherwise.

    Adam Perrett

    I would like to thank Neurotech for giving me the opportunity to attend this workshop, which is an incredible place to meet people (aka do networking) and exchange ideas with people that one barely has the chance of meeting otherwise.

    Germain Haessig

    The most important aspect for me was the direct exchange and the discussion with so many people from the neuromorphic community, discussion which are and hopefully will continue in the future.

    Sebastian Siegel

    I received valuable advice regarding future progressions in my career and prospective opportunities while networking at the workshop.

    Aishwarya Natarajan

    The discussion with scientists of various backgrounds during the workshop broadens my knowledge and perspective.

    Younes Bouhadjar

    Taken together, it is great to hear that the Capocaccia workshop for Neuromorphic Intelligence made such a great impact on the research, career and motivation of young and emerging scientists. It is evidence that interaction and  collaboration are essential for science and scientists to flourish! We are proud that the Capocaccia workshop contributes to this for so many participants.


    17 March, 2020

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    NEUROTECH Fellowships for CapoCaccia 2020

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    Wait no longer!


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