12 January, 2021, 4 PM CET

Educational Webinar Day 3

How to perform neuromorphic computing with nanoscale devices?

Schedule Day 3:

  • Dr. Abu Sebastian (IBM Research, CH)
  • Dr. Julie Grollier (CNRS/Thales lab)
  • Dr. Sabina Spiga (National Research Council, IT)

Chair: Dr. Alice Mizrahi (THALES SA, FR)

1 December, 2020, 4 PM CET

Educational Webinar Day 2

What are hardware opportunities for neuromorphic engineering?

Schedule Day 2:

  • Prof. Johannes Schemmel (Heidelberg University, DE)
  • Prof. Jennifer Olson Hasler (Georgia Institute of Technology, US)
  • Dr. Elisa Vianello (CEA Leti, FR)
  • Dr. Bert Jan Offrein (IBM Research, CH)

Chair: Dr. Melika Payvand (University of Zurich and ETH, CH) 

3 November, 2020, 4 PM CET

Educational Webinar Day 1

What is neuromorphic engineering?

Schedule Day 1:

  • Prof. Giacomo Indiveri (University of Zurich and ETH, CH)
  • Prof. Steven Furber (The University of Manchester, UK)
  • Prof. Bernabe' Linares-Barranco (Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla (IMSE, CNM), SP)
  • Prof. Kwabena Boahen (Stanford University, US)

Chair: Dr. Chiara Bartolozzi (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IT)