Call for proposals: The SpiNNaker 2 Award

Applications are solicited for two awards, worth 40.000€ each, to explore cutting-edge use cases for the SpiNNaker 2 system.

SpiNNaker 2 is the new incarnation of the groundbreaking SpiNNaker project, that pursuits the neuromorphic approach through a massively parallel arrangement of many cores to achieve brain-like, event-based computing. Like its predecessor, SPiNNaker 2 is a multi-processor system on chip based on a large number of ARM cores. The new version comes with neuromorphic accelerator cores as well as multiply-accumulate arrays that accelerate matrix computations, e.g. as in deep network training and inference.

To learn more about the SpiNNaker 2 hardware, please have a look at this preprint on Arxiv describing the platform in detail. If you're interested how well it fares in a face-down with other state-of-the-art neuromorphic hardware, have a look at this report that pits SpiNNaker 2 against Loihi in keyword-spotting and adaptive control tasks.

The award is sponsored by the "Dr. Stefan Weiße Stiftung" in cooperation with the Chair of Highly- Parallel VLSI Systems and Neuro-Microelectronics, TU Dresden, Germany.

How to apply

Please see the call website and the official call document for instructions how to apply.

Good luck!

(Photo by Paul Carmona on Unsplash)