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Dec 14th

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On November 1st, 2018 the NEUROTECH consortium launched. We are 11 partners from industry and academia who cover various aspects of neuromorphic technology. Our mission is to catalyse research and collaboration in neuromorphic technology. Funded by the European Commission, we support a range of activities:

  • Community building though the Neurotech portal,
  • Fostering cooperation between academia and industry through targeted events,
  • Reaching out to the public and raising awareness to neuromorphic technology,
  • Supporting education in neuromorphic technology.

Community building

The Neurotech portal is the keystone to our community building activities. We are building a directory of research labs, projects, funding bodies, networks, associations and communities that relate to neuromorphic technology. We’ll keep you updated on upcoming events and conferences, and share news from the neuromorphic community, such as new papers and new hardware. You will also find links to all NEUROTECH partners. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to get in touch if you’re interested in getting into neuromorphic research, or want to use it in your business.

Everyone can sign up and become a network member. Once signed up, you will receive news from the neuromorphic community, and updates whenever new resources become available.

By becoming a member you can also submit your own events for curation and promotion and increase the reach in this fascinating research community.

Foster cooperation between academia and industry

We will host targeted events to bring together key players from industry and academia. The first event is planned to be hosted by our partner IMEC in Leuven, Belgium. A second event will be hosted by partner INI in Zürich later in the project.

Another part of our mission is to establish direct connections between research labs and industrial partners. As a consortium we have access to a large network that enables us to address representatives of a wide range of companies and academic institutions. Meet us at one of the events at which we are represented to get in touch, extend your network or simply have a chat about neuromorphic technology. We will be happy to introduce you to partners that share your interest or could provide the service that you need to grow your neuromorphic research and/or business.

Reach out and raise public awareness

We collect information from within the neuromorphic technology community and disseminate it to other research communities, business, and the public. The aim of the NEUROTECH network is to provide an opportunity to maintain a global overview on the most recent developments in neuromorphic technology. If you have an idea that you want to turn into a convincing neuromorphic demonstrator, we’re here to help and consult. Our aim is to take up the most recent developments and galvanise them into position statements and white papers that are easily digested by researchers, businesses and the interested public. This includes ethical position statements towards the ethical role of neuromorphic technology in AI, raising public awareness to this important issue.

Support education in neuromorphic technology

We all know that education is essential to progress in research and technology. Therefore, the fourth pillar of the NEUROTECH consortium is to create educational resources that facilitate teaching and self-education of future neuromorphic researchers and engineers. The NEUROTECH portal will become a resource for educational material. We will also actively reach out to academic partners and encourage them to share their lecture slides, videos, tutorials, practical exercises.

For those who are already on track and have started a PhD or even a postdoc in Neuromorphic technology, we provide Fellowships to the most important neuromorphic workshops out there: the Capocaccia Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop and the Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop.

How to get in touch

If we succeeded in sparking your interest, please head over to the other parts of the portal, browse around, and sign up to the portal! Write to us via twitter, facebook, Instagram, or good old email. If you prefer the personal touch, please do get in touch at one of the events that we’re attending. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!