NEUROTECH Kick-off meeting

Michael Schmuker ·
Apr 2nd
NEUROTECH Kick-off meeting

The NEUROTECH consortium, from left to right: Jean Fompeyrine (IBM), Peter Debacker (IMEC), Chiara Bartolozzi (IIT), Sabina Spiga (CNR), Yulia Sandamirskaya (INI, U Zürich), Paolo Botrolotti (THALES), Bert Offrein (IBM), Michael Schmuker (U Hertfordshire), Steve Furber (U Manchester), Björn Kindler (U Heidelberg).

Zürich, 11-Dec-2018 - The NEUROTECH consortium met for the first time in person! This is a great feat since our normal lives take place at quite different locations spread all over the continent and the British Island. But in December last year, we put great effort into making our kick-off meeting happen. Besides just getting to know each other, our agenda was packed with NEUROTECH business to get this initiative on track. Some items from the agenda:

NEUROTECH Fellowships

A big part of NEUROTECH is to support emerging researchers and students to get in touch with their peers and leading figures in the field. This will be achieved by supporting each year a selected cohort of NEUROTECH Fellows to attend the CapoCaccia and Telluride workshops. We agreed on a process for selection and set up selection committees for this year's workshops.


Each year, we have a number of Prizes to give away to researchers in the field covered by NEUROTECH. These will typically be small prizes at relevant conferences, to be bestowed by a selection committee from NEUROTECH members and delegates. Organising these prizes always needs a bit of forward planning in collaboration with the conference hosts, and these prizes will be announced in the run-up to the conferences where they will be presented.


On October 28, 2019, The consortium will host the NEUROTECH Forum in conjunction with an IMEC event in Leuven, Belgium. Our goals at this event is to reach out to industry and discuss a roadmap for neuromorphic technology with leaders in the field. Further details will be announced nearer the time.

Other NEUROTECH action items

Other items we discussed included to establish a good NEUROTECH presence at relevant conferences and events, which should be fairly easy since we are all active researchers and most of us attend relevant meetings quite frequently. Further, we aim at creating a roadmap for neuromorphic technology (see above), a list of benchmarks that demonstrate its potential, maps of inter-disciplinary and geographic links, a directory of interested industries, educational resources, and press releases… lots of good work coming up!

We'll keep you posted in this space - stay tuned!